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Our Market

Marketing & Promotion

Flash Memory provides an exciting new media opportunity for every advertising and promotion activity. FlashRite can help you utilize this fast, direct and cost-effective communications tool to help maximize your campaign potential.


Probably the most widely-used personal communication tool on the planet, the cell phone has become a multi-media delivery device with endless opportunities. FlashRite works with manufacturers and providers to help realize this potential.

Data Distribution

With our in-house technologies and extensive expertise with all forms of Flash Memory devices, FlashRite can deliver card solutions to suit every purpose and any budget. Whether it's Sales, R&D, Finance, Security, Service or whatever, FlashRite has a history of success in helping to solve Flash Memory data delivery challenges across a wide spectrum of industry.

Enterprise & Government

FlashRite is well established as a key supplier to Enterprise and Government departments. From the wide scale distribution of social and medical information to high security military and scientific applications.

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