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Flash Procurement Assistance

There are many suppliers of Flash media and the tradeoff between price and quality is often not easily evident. Flashrite has many years of experience with various Flash suppliers and help customers who desire assistance in procuring the right Flash device at a price and quality level desired for a given task

Content Development and DRM Consulting

In partnership with IMI engineering, Flashrite can assist you in choosing suitable method for storing your data on Flash media. Often the best method of content storage is only determined after consideration of the complete manufacturing process including the method of content loading. Depending upon your needs, Flashrite stands ready to assist to at whatever level of support you wish in choosing the best method for utilizing Flash memory in your target products.

Packaging and Assembly

At FlashRite, we are a complete manufacturing services vendor. We understand there's more to production than just duplication. Whether its pad or silkscreen printing on USB drives, bar code, part number or serial number labeling kits, or labeling storage cards such as Compact Flash or Secure Digital, FlashRite has the capability to meet your requirements.

FlashRite is your complete one-stop manufacturing partner. From off the shelf solutions like SD Jewel Cases and USB Drive Lipstick Boxes to complete custom packaging solutions, to full retail clamshells, whatever your product specification, FlashRite can deliver it, on time and on budget.

Mastering Services

Flash Memory products function differently on different operating platforms, and in different uses. You can simply "drag and drop" your files onto a storage device and call that a master, but depending on what the users in the field do with it, the readability and functionality may not be what you had hoped for. At FlashRite, we have experience on how Flash Memory behaves, and can aid you in choosing the correct way to master your Flash memory. Put simply, the better your master is created and duplicated, the better the results will be.

Pad or Silkscreen Printing and Labeling

Flashrite has the capability to have your company logoprinted on a stylish, distinctly labeled flash media devise.Flash media devises can serve as extremely effective marketing packages that can send a powerful and memorable message to your clients. Utilize our talented and creative customer service team to create the best-looking flash media to showcase your message. Your company’s distinct logo and color scheme can be easily replicated in a flash media device, and the choices are literally endless. If you have a specific idea in mind, work with us to furnish ideas and cement details on your personalized, custom-made flash media.

Shipping and Returns Processing

Flashrite has wide experience in reliable Shipping and Processing of Flash media. Both low and high volume shipping containers are easily accommodated. A secure warehouse is also available both in house and strict procedures are followed to track all incoming and outgoing shipments. You can depend on Flashrite to carefully count all incoming media and well track and ship exactly what is required.

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